Keynote Speakers

March 19

Dr. Laxmi Prasad Pant

Dr. Pant is Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate Professor in Canadian universities) of Human Geography at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK. He holds a PhD from the University of Guelph in Canada. His PhD research involved the use of innovation systems approach to examine DFID (now FCDO) -funded agricultural development projects in collaboration with the United Nations University Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Dr Pant has contributed to human geography through research, teaching, and development practice, specifically in the areas of food and agricultural innovation, food security, and climate-resilient and low-carbon agroecological intensification. His research has appeared in reputed international journals, such as Agriculture and Human Values, Journal of Agriculture Education and Extension, Regional Environmental Change, the Journal of Rural Studies, Sustainability, and Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.

Dr. Pant has extensive experience in planning, monitoring and evaluation using classical program logic models and their alternatives, such as outcome mapping and reflexive interactive assessment, particularly in developing area contexts of developing as well developed countries, and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, including establishment and strengthening innovation platforms. He is also engaged in various national and international communities of scholars and practitioners working on developing effective strategies for sustainable development, including his role as a contributing author of the IPCC Sixth Assessment's Special Report on Climate Change and Land.

Dr. Kate Mulligan

Dr. Kate Mulligan is a health geographer and policy professional with a critical public health orientation and a strong interest in advancing healthier and more equitable communities. Based in Ontario, Canada, her research and policy work has been supported by Toronto Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Canada, and the United Nations.

Kate is the Director of Policy and Communities at the Alliance for Healthier Communities, leading at the forefront of Ontario's health systems transformation to advance health equity through 100+ community-governed, comprehensive primary health care organizations. Kate is also an Assistant Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) at the University of Toronto. She is a partner on the DLSPH project on Public Health Training for Equitable Systems Change and a contributor on Health Canada's 2021 climate and health adaptation assessment. Kate is also the director of Ontario's first social prescribing project, implemented in community health centres across diverse urban, rural, Francophone, and Northern regions in the province. This initiative aims to improve health outcomes for marginalized and socially isolated people and to reduce health systems utilization by creating a clinical pathway between mainstream health systems and community and voluntary supports, showing promising results and galvanized wide interest nationally.

Kate continues to work toward healthier cities and communities through research, mentorship and action on healthy public policy, political ecologies of health and wellbeing, climate and health equity, and upstream health systems interventions.

Follow Kate on Twitter @KateMMulligan.

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March 15


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Sara Kirk, Ph.D 

Dr. Sara Kirk is a Professor of Health Promotion and Scientific Director of the Healthy Populations Institute, Dalhousie University, Canada. Her research explores the creation of supportive environments for chronic disease prevention. Using a 'socio-ecological' approach, she studies how individual behaviour is influenced by broader factors like income, education and societal norms. This has included a focus on better understanding how our built and social environments can help or hinder health behaviours like physical activity or healthy eating, which are important for the prevention of chronic disease and the promotion of positive physical and mental health. She has over 200 published papers and was named as one of Optimyz magazine's Top 100 Canadian health and fitness influencers in 2019. In her spare time, Kirk advocates at the federal level for safe cycling infrastructure and a national cycling strategy through her role as a volunteer board member of Vélo Canada Bikes.

Anna Braunizer 

Anna Braunizer graduated from Dalhousie University in 2018 and works as an occupational therapist in community-based private practice. At the start of the pandemic, Anna launched an online platform with a global team, beyond COVID, designed to share ideas about adapting our daily activities, education to promote mental health and wellbeing, and advocacy promoting occupational justice. In her private practice work, Anna established a 100% virtual student placement and she is currently piloting a virtual peer-placement program that she co-developed with Tricia Earl. She is excited to share with you today what she learned when pivoting practice to a virtual context and using an online platform as a tool for sharing knowledge.

Sara Abdo 

Sara Abdo is an Instructor at the School of Occupational Therapy where she currently teaches first year students in the domain of mental health care and works alongside the fieldwork team to prepare occupational therapy students for working on the front lines. She has previous experience with direct service delivery at the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), where she empowered newcomers living with disabilities and chronic medical conditions in accessing health and re-settlement services. Using these experiences and others, she worked diligently with a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals to develop the Introduction to Telehealth Practice continuing education pilot in May 2020 amidst the global pandemic. By bringing students in the schools of communication disorders, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy together with practitioners in the Atlantic provinces, the team has made telehealth more accessible to providers, and healthcare more accessible to the general population. She continues to work with others to raise awareness of gaps in health access and working towards equitable solutions.

Niki Kiepek MSc(OT), PhD, OT Reg. (NS) 

Niki Kiepek is an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University. Kiepek applies critical approaches to explore the social construction of acceptable and unacceptable ways of acting and ways of being. Her current research explores substance use, attending in particular to beneficial and non-problematic experiences. She is currently examining the influences of medicalization and criminalization on substance use and related policies, practices, and law.

Catherine L. Mah MD FRCPC PhD  

Dr. Mah is Canada Research Chair in Promoting Healthy Populations and Associate Professor in the School of Health Administration at Dalhousie University. She also holds appointments with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto and Saint Mary's University.

Dr. Mah directs the Food Policy Lab, a multidisciplinary program of research on the environmental and policy determinants of diet and consumption. Her research is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Among her networks of scientific collaborations, she is Chief Investigator for the NHMRC Healthy Stores 2020 trial at Monash University; Associate Investigator in the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Food Retail Environments for Health, Deakin University; Atlantic co-lead for FLEdGE, a SSHRC global partnership on sustainable food systems at Wilfrid Laurier University; and founding investigator of the CIHR PROOF food insecurity team at the University of Toronto.

Tinashe Kanengoni

Tinashe is Assistant Program Manager of Community Food Programs at the Centre for Immigrants and Community Services. CICS is a non profit organization located in Scarborough , Ontario. CICS Community Food Programs offers gardening, healthy eating, environmental programming to build and strengthen social and environmental connections among marginalized populations. The program organizes a community food pantry and seniors meal program. Our programs engage different audiences-newcomers, low income families, seniors, youth and single parent families. Tinashe is also a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council and Scarborough Food Network.

Rekha Cherian 

Rekha Cherian is a Senior Programs and Partnership Specialist at Community Food Centres Canada. She holds a Masters in Social Work from Dalhousie University and has been working in the non-profit sector for the past 20 years. Rekha used food as a method for connecting with individuals through her social work practice and for the past decade has worked more directly in the food insecurity field. In this work, Rekha implements, innovates and provides consultation on creating inclusive, healthy and social justice oriented food programs. Rekha has been working at CFCC since 2017 and supports the development of building Community Food Centres across the country. She lives in Toronto's East End and loves walking other people's dogs in the Don River Valley.

March 16

Services & Infrastructure

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Soonya Quon, MCIP, LPP 

Since 1999, Soonya Quon has been a Senior Planner with the Parks Canada Agency based in Halifax. As a member of the Management Planning Policy and Operations team, she leads the preparation of management plans for national parks and national historic site across Canada, and has worked on the development of national policy for management planning and national marine conservation areas. Soonya studied Environmental Planning at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and got her Masters degree from the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo. She is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Atlantic Planners Institute. She grew up on Waverley Road next to Lake Charles, and now lives in downtown Dartmouth with her husband and two school-aged sons.

Jessica McDonald, MCIP, LPP 

Jessica McDonald is the Director of Community Development for the Town of Bridgewater, overseeing Planning, Recreation, and the execution of the Town's multi-decade Community Energy Investment Plan. Prior to joining the Town of Bridgewater in 2015, Jessica worked for eight years in Nova Scotia Departments of Environment and Municipal Affairs. Before joining government, Jessica worked as a researcher and consultant in Nova Scotia, Sri Lanka, and Ontario. Among her Department's achievements include a major renovation to its historic downtown streetscape; establishing a permanent public transit system; and leading a community-wide initiative -- "Energize Bridgewater" -- that will simultaneously accelerate the Town's transition to a low-carbon future and tackle energy poverty. Jessica's vision of resilient, inclusive, and innovative community building represents a model pathway for towns across Canada faced with the uncertainty of climate change, economic downturns, and the ongoing pandemic

Ryan MacLean 

Ryan MacLean is a born and raised Nova Scotian with a passion for her home province. A graduate of the Dalhousie School of Planning, Ryan has been working with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust since 2018 to advance stewardship programs throughout the province. She started with the Nature Trust as the first ever full-time Volunteer Program Coordinator and has recently moved into a new role focused on Landowner Outreach, Education & Engagement. She has a passion for environmental education and empowering others to take action to make the province a better place for nature, for people, and for our more than human kin.

Ahsan Habib 

Ahsan Habib is a transportation professor at Dalhousie University. He received a PhD degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto in 2009. He held a professional position at the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) prior to joining Dalhousie University in 2010. He is the founder of the Dalhousie Transportation Collaboratory (DalTRAC) under the Leaders Opportunity Grant program of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). His research interests include travel behavior analysis, travel demand forecasting, and the microsimulation of urban systems. Dr. Habib believes multi-modal mobility options are the key to ensuring sustainability for Canadian cities.

Kris Wiszniak 

Kris Wiszniak is the Operations and Coordinator for the Town of Collingwood with 15 years experience in small scale transit and public works operations. Kris understands the challenges that small municipalities can face with implementing and operating small scale transit; specifically budgets, staffing, and procurement related items. Along with the team at the Town of Collingwood and adjoining municipalities, Kris has worked at developing two inter-municipal transit links as well as developing Private-public partnerships to aid in offsetting net operation costs. The team at the Town of Collingwood has been a recipient of the 2014 AMO Gas Tax Award for their innovation for providing a modern and efficient transit fleet in a municipality under 25,000 with little financial impact to taxpayer. Kris resides in Collingwood with his long time partner Megan and two children, Lincoln and Kalyna who actively enjoy all that Collingwood and South Georgian Bay have to offer.

Mackenzie Childs 

Mackenzie Childs is a Planner with the Town of Bridgewater. Her initial role focused on the formation and implementation of Bridgewater Transit in 2017. After the establishment of Bridgewater Transit her focus shifted to service operations and most recently transitioned to policy and program support. She works on connecting transit to other aspects of resident mobility, including mobility improvement work for Energize Bridgewater's Energy Poverty Reduction Program as well as active transportation. Much of her other work focuses on a variety of strategic initiatives including land use planning, community development and active communities. 

Sally Braun 

Sally Braun, General Manager of the Western James Bay Telecom Network since August 2012, is based in Moose Factory and Timmins ON. Ms. Braun is responsible for overall management of the Western James Bay Telecom Network including operations, project management, regulatory compliance and community relations. Ms. Braun is currently managing the roll out of a $ 4.7 million dollar Fibre to the Home project in the communities of Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany with activation scheduled for late 2021. Once deployed, FTTH will increase the broadband capacity to each home closer to the federal benchmark of 50 meg download and 10 meg upload. Prior to WJBTN, Ms. Braun was Project Manager with Attawapiskat Enterprises preparing the business case and funding proposal for Attawapiskat First Nation to develop and manage a community-owned cellular telephone system. Ms. Braun has consulted on education and training initiatives for the Attawapiskat First Nation Education Authority, is a director of the First Mile Connectivity Consortium (FMCC) and supporter of ISOC. Ms. Braun holds a degree in Law and Justice (Honours) from Laurentian University and an Honours Diploma in Library and Information Technology from Georgian College. She has lived on the James Bay Coast for 15 years in Attawapiskat and Moose Factory. Prior to 2005, Ms. Braun served the Canadian NGO, CUSO, in the field of international community development in St. Lucia, West Indies and Papua New Guinea.

Tim Whiteduck

Tim Whiteduck, Director of Technology for the First Nations Education Council (FNEC). Tim Whiteduck, is the Director of Technology for the First Nations Education Council (FNEC) based in Wendake First Nation in Quebec City.

The FNEC represents and serves 22 First Nations communities in Quebec. FNEC aims to achieve full jurisdiction over education while "respecting our unique cultural identities and common beliefs, and promoting our languages, values and traditions." A core element of this vision is to use technology effectively to support the autonomy and democratic development of First Nations communities.

Tim and his team have been working with the First Nations, as their intermediary organization, developing strategic partnerships to design and install community broadband infrastructure, deliver online and IT training programs, and support the delivery and engagement of broadband-enabled community services including education, health and many others.

Tim is a member of the Kitigan Zibi First Nation, an Algonquin community located in the Gatineau region of southwestern Quebec, Canada

Rob McMahon 

Rob McMahon is an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, (Photo attached) in the Media & Technology Studies Unit and the Department of Political Science. He teaches in the Master of Arts in Communication and Technology (MACT) program. Rob's research focuses on the development, adoption, and use of broadband and internet technologies by rural, Northern, and Indigenous communities. His approach involves working with communities to ensure that their voices are heard in all stages of research. He and his partners are exploring ways to house project data and build research capacities in communities, and are involved in efforts to contribute to digital policy and regulation. He also co-founded the First Mile Connectivity Consortium, a national nonprofit association of community-based Indigenous broadband providers. 

Natalie Smith

Natalie has worked for the Town of Yarmouth as the Economic Development Officer since September 2014 and moved into the position of Director of Planning and Economic Development in November 2020. Natalie supports the strategic goals of the Town in the implementation of Councils priorities associated with the Municipal Planning Strategy, Downtown Blueprint Plan, Waterfront Development Plan, Accessibility Plan, and the Transit Plan. She also has project oversight responsibilities for major initiatives undertaken by the Town for the Downtown Façade & Mural Improvement Programs, Downtown Streetscape Projects, and for the administering the Development Phased-In Tax Assessment Rebate Program.

Penny Carpenter

Penny Carpenter, Network Business Manager, K-Net Kuhkenah Network. K-Net is the Indigenous-owned and operated telecommunications and digital services division of the Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KO) First Nations Council in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Penny describes K-Net as follows: "K-Net is an organization that has taken on the challenge of living in 'two worlds' - maintaining and protecting First Nations culture for future generations while harnessing state-of-the-art communication and information technologies."

Marilyn Bird 

Marilyn Bird is the Executive Director of Lanark Transportation Association. LTA is a unique, community-based, accessible transportation service that has been operating as a not-for-profit since 2001. It provides rides to medical appointments and other life-enhancing appointments and services to residents of Lanark County and the Town of Smiths Falls. Lanark County has a population of approximately 69,000 people located in eight municipalities spread over 3,000 square kms. Marilyn has enjoyed the challenge of expanding the service from its original two vehicles to a fleet of sixteen vehicles. However, she could have done without the more recent challenges related to COVID-19. As an essential service, LTA has continued to serve the community throughout the pandemic.

March 17

Education & Information

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Neil Lovitt 

Neil Lovitt is a technically and professionally trained planner who leads the Planning and Economic Intelligence divisions of Turner Drake & Partners, a real estate consultancy based in Halifax. Neil's work focusses on real estate market analysis, demographic and socioeconomic analysis and forecasting, real estate finance and development economics. He and his team specialise in projects where the economics of the built environment intersect with the vision and goals of planning policy.

Neil is a graduate of Dalhousie's Bachelor of Community Design program, and also holds diplomas in GIS & Urban Planning from Fanshawe College, and Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Jacob Ritchie 

Jacob Ritchie is the Operations Director for the Halifax Regional Centre for Education. His teams are responsible for technology in schools, transportation to and from school throughout HRM, all maintenance, cleaning, and construction in schools, and long range planning and capital planning for school investment. Jacob has worked in a wide variety of communities across North America where he has had the opportunity to manage and deploy engineering and city building projects that have strengthened community and improved public spaces. His training and experience as Engineer and Planner helps bridge across interprofessional gaps in the design community and inform risk taking when facing complex challenges in cities today.

Danielle McDonald 

As Chief Executive Officer of Ottawa Public Library (OPL), North America's largest bilingual (English French) public library Danielle provides strategic leadership and sound financial guidance over all OPL's departments, programs, and services.

Danielle represents OPL on a number of industry committees including Canadian Urban Libraries Council, Urban Libraries Council, and Chief Executives of Large Public Libraries of Ontario.

Since joining the OPL in January 2009, Danielle has led significant initiatives in facilities planning and development across OPL's 33 branches. Most recently, Danielle negotiated the letter of intent and final funding approval for Ottawa's $192M historic collaboration with Library and Archives Canada on a joint landmark library facility scheduled to welcome visitors in 2025.

Danielle holds an MPA from Carleton University, and a BE.S. (Hon) Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo. Her educational background is complemented by more than 30 years of municipal government management experience, including strategic planning, finance, human resources, and technology with the City of Ottawa and OPL.

Serving one million residents, OPL helps to build community and transform lives through its mission to inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people.

Julie Iannacone 

Julie Iannacone is the Director of Neighbourhood & Youth Services at Vancouver Public Library. She believes that public libraries play a critical role in building and supporting healthy communities. She leads strategic direction and policy and resource allocation for 20 neighbourhood branches, city-wide services for children and teens, and community engagement initiatives and partnerships. She is responsible for strategic planning and development of new and renewed library facilities with several active projects and others in preliminary planning stages. She is a mentor in the InterLINK Project Library Leaders Excellence and Development (LLEAD) program and graduate of the Canadian Urban Libraries Council Public Library Leaders Program.

Nathan Wener 

Nathan Wener is currently in his last year at the University of Toronto getting a degree in human geography, with a double minor in political science, and urban studies. A lifelong Torontonian, he has had the privilege of exploring the city from a young age, piquing his interest in issues at the neighbourhood scale. His specific areas of interest in urban planning lie in affordable/co-operative housing, active transportation, and most importantly, community development. His guiding question in urban planning is "how do we create organic and supportive urban communities through localized direct democracy?". When he's not in class or doing school work, he teaches part time at a synagogue, plasy loads of music, and does urban history tours on his instagram account!


Adriana is a grade 12 student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ontario. Since she was young, she has always noticed problems in the way her community was built and her dream is to one day innovate sustainable, life-sized and inclusive cities for all. As a 17-year-old, she believes that age is no barrier for what one can achieve, and she knows that youth input is the key to add solid foundations to our work, play and home environments (pun intended). When she is not doing schoolwork, she can be found editing her podcast or trying out online recipes.


From the age of 10, Jaskiran found her voice through community involvement and leadership. Her driving passion for impact inspired her to work with several non-profit organizations over the past decade. She has become an advocate for literacy, entrepreneurship, as well as empowerment for youth and women.

Jaskiran has served two terms as the Director of Internal Affairs at the Toronto Youth Cabinet. She is a recipient of the La Rocca Memorial Award for Volunteerism and Altruism, as well as the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Volunteerism. In March, Jaskiran will be taking a [virtual] seat in the House of Commons to represent her riding Vaughan-Woodbridge for the 2021 Daughters of the Vote Program.

Through her leadership roles, Jaskiran strives to use her voice to eliminate barriers for women of colour and be a leader for young girls around the world. As a serial entrepreneur at heart and by trade, She is determined to push the boundaries in business through her ventures and to pave the way for others.

March 18

Community Engagement

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Rodney Small

Rodney is a father, change-maker, community builder/connector, mentor, coach, and social entrepreneur. Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rodney has established a passion for both its people and communities, working hard to help ensure those individuals and organizations thrive and grow. As a graduate of Dalhousie University's Bachelor of Management (with Integrity) program focusing on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Rodney uses his skills and expertise to engage people in a meaningful way to identify how to deal with social, cultural, and environmental issues that have affected their communities, focusing on African Nova Scotian communities. Rodney's passion for the African Nova Scotian (ANS) community inspires his work, as it is here where he has developed many of the values and beliefs ingrained in his efforts today. Mr. Small is currently the executive director of the One North End Community Economic Development Society. A non-profit organization located in the North End of Halifax aimed at off-setting gentrification and bringing the community together as ONE (One North End), where the vision is in the name. 

Catherine Martin 

Catherine Martin is a member of the Millbrook Mi'kmaw community in Truro, NS. She is an independent producer, director, writer, facilitator, communications consultant, and drummer. Catherine has a BA from Dalhousie University in Theatre Arts and a Master of Education from Mount St. Vincent with a focus on Media Literacy. Her award-winning documentaries include the animation film Little Boy Who Lived with Muini'skw (2004), the NFB film The Spirit of Annie Mae (2002), and Spirit Wind (2000).

She was the 14th Nancy Chair in Women Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. She presently serves on the Kings College Board of Governors Awarded Senate 150 medal 2019 and she was awarded the Order of Canada 2017. On March 1, 2020 she became the Director of Indigenous Relations for Dalhousie University created in response to TRC Calls To Action.

Barbara Lounder 

Barbara Lounder is an artist and art educator from Nova Scotia. She has a BFA from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and an MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University). She recently retired from her position as Professor at NSCAD.

Lounder's art practice uses walking as a creative method. Her situated works engage the public in carefully designed walking activities, sometimes utilizing devices such as walking sticks, stilts, backpacks, portable digital projectors and mobile phones. She is a founding member of the Narratives in Space+Time Society (NiS+TS), a collaborative interdisciplinary group that uses walking and locative media in creative public art projects. In 2017, NiS+TS concluded their multi-year project, Walking the Debris Field of the Halifax Explosion.

In addition to her studio practice, Lounder writes and speaks on topics related to contemporary art, walking and other aspects of mobility, social activism and education.

Shannon Parker

Raised in the Annapolis Valley, Shannon (she/her; they/them) returned to Nova Scotia in 2006 to join the staff of at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and has managed the Collections department since that time.

Collecting various degrees along the way (BAH in Classical Studies, Queens University; diploma in Collections Conservation & Management, Fleming College; MA in Museum Studies, University of Leicester), Shannon has pursued her career across North America. This has included a stint at the National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian) in Washington, D.C. and almost six years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, managing the outstanding art collection of the Indian Arts Research Center (School of Advanced Research).

At the AGNS, Shannon manages the care and handling of all the artwork that is acquired or loaned to the Gallery, works with the curatorial team to create and facilitate the Gallery's very busy exhibition programme, online programming, and works on a variety of other curatorial projects including the recent, Good Earth: the Pots & Passion of Walter Ostrom.

Outside of her work, Shannon has thrown herself into the dynamic Halifax community with abandon where, among other activities, she trains and performs with a local dance troupe - a definite challenge in during this past year!

Photograph is by Jordan Dickie.

Dave Sampson 

Dave Sampson writes heart on your sleeve folk/pop songs, delivered with a captivating and authentic voice that could blow down a brick house. His knack for crafting simple ear-worms and his high-energy shows have been winning him fans from coast to coast. Collaborating with some of Canada's top exports such as Classified, Alan Doyle, Donovan Woods & Neon Dreams as well as being chosen as one of five in Canada's Walk of Fame emerging artist program, Dave has be working hard to solidify his position as one of Canada's top emerging songwriters.

Matt Watson

I grew up in a small Canadian town with my wholesome Roman Catholic family filled with morals and values. As I learn about debauchery I crave the authentic connection with an audiences to share my discoveries with.

I've taken my relaxed personality and sincere story telling throughout North America, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia where I currently reside... in a van.

I've performed at Just For Laughs 42, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the International Glasgow Comedy Festival, the Aberdeen Comedy Festival, the Perth International Arts Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, can be heard on Sirius XM Radio, am the host of the Young Guns Of Comedy Tour, and the producer of Laugh It Off Comedy which runs regular shows on multiple continents.

Awarded Ottawa's Up And Comer, co-produced/starred in three sold out shows at The National Arts Centre Of Canada, as well as The Relentless Road trip - a 70 show in 90 day tour across Canada.

Come see what big city living looks like through the eyes of a country bumpkin. For more of Matt's hilarity be sure to check out his adventures over on his YouTube channel Matt Watson Comedy.

Jamie Douglas 

Jamie Douglas is the main songwriter and frontman of the Ottawa rock band The Powergoats. Born in Hamilton, Ontario Jamie has been living in Ottawa since 1992 playing countless acoustic and full-band shows in Ontario and Quebec. His creative resume also includes television, puppetry, and live sketch comedy including a Canadian Forces Show Tour in the Persian Gulf in 2003. Jamie is a busy fixture in the Ottawa music scene with weekly residency and regular monthly shows at many different venues in the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec regions.

Andrew Albert 

As a full-time professional touring stand-up comic, Andrew Albert has headlined in every province in Canada, he has also performed in the U.S. and England. Andrew has performed twice at the Just for Laughs festival, appeared at the Boston Comedy festival, he has four invites to The YYCOMEDY Calgary Festival, and the Halifax Comedy Festival, three visits to the Moncton Hubcap Festival, among others.

His material has been heard on countless radio morning shows, CBC television, XM radio Canada and in the United States. He has released three albums in the last four years, "Warning Canadian Content", "Guns N' Yoga" have been widely distributed and are available on all platforms, and the latest project "Filthy Clean" will be available soon.

Andrew was booked 48 weekends in 2019, when you hire him for your event you will understand why.

TJ. Maguire 

TJ. Maguire (He/Him) MCIP, LPP works with the team at Develop Nova Scotia as their Manager of Design. Develop Nova Scotia is a provincial crown corporation, working closely with communities and partners to build on our natural assets. At the centre of our work is the role of place in attracting people, and the principle of placemaking ensures that the planning, development and management of land and infrastructure is achieved with, and for people.

TJ is also part of the organizing team for the Art of City Building conference (, bringing global perspectives in city building and placemaking to the city for inspiring conversations. He is a graduate of the Dalhousie School of Planning and has worked with multidisciplinary teams on projects from seating installations to large scale developments and programming of a variety of events. If you have a great idea, let's make it happen.